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Three cooperation modes of joining sharing power bank business


Three cooperation modes of joining sharing power bank business 1.Purchase sharing charging station products, directly join the existing software and hardware overall solution of the manufacturer, with less investment, short cycle and quick results. 2.Customized development of the sharing charging station. Know more about the local market conditions, provide your own market ideas and develop unique market products according to customers requests. Customers can also make secondary development and design based on the manufacturer's software source code, which is more competitive in the market. 3. The sharing charging station is developed by both parties. The manufacturer provides software and hardware solution [...]

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What profit points of advertising screen sharing charging station


What profit points of advertising screen sharing charging station With the development of sharing economy, Zhongxinli has taken the lead in developing new commercial product sharing advertising screen charging stations according to market demands. Customizing advertising screen sharing charging solutions, which can have better market feedback in a short time. Now let me-- the editor of Zhongxinli Technology explain where is the profit point of joining this advertising screen sharing charging station. 1.Deposit flow of advertising sharing charging station. At present, the main source of revenue for advertising sharing charging station is the deposit, which is accumulated into a fund pool, [...]

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Incomes of Shared Power Bank


Incomes of Shared Power Bank There are multiple investment patterns on shared power bank. Different brands are not the same in this respect. But it can be summarized in two modes basically. One is cooperating with your brands of power bank. You provided with manpower and business. After finding the right place to launch, the profit distribution is according to the earnings. This modes, for you, is less risky. You only need to do well in your business, while the investment is few in general. However, the amounts of money being allocated to you will be relatively small. For another sharing mode, you can obtain 100% of [...]

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Other Applications for Shared Power Bank (Apart from Charging)


Other Applications for Shared Power Bank (Apart from Charging) Nowadays, It has been an a fact without any dispute that there are bottlenecks in online traffic. Thus the offline traffic is becoming the hotpots for many investors. The cost of customer acquisition is higher and higher, so the value of shared power bank as a traffic access is increasingly prominent. For business partner, they enjoy the profit sharing along with the launch of the shared power bank. They can also take the advantages of traffic access to support the channels’ layout and development, and realize the service upgrades and coverage of [...]

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The birth of mobile power sharing charging treasure


The birth of mobile power sharing charging treasure What clothes do you need when you open the closet in the morning? What's for lunch? Or when you go out, a “Not enough battery” prompt pops up on the system notification? I believe that for most heavy mobile phone users, the last one is the most pressing issue. With the popularity of mobile power, power anxiety has begun to ease. Who invented the world's first power bank? What does it look like? Today we are talking about the growth of mobile power. At the CES exhibition in 2001, a student showed the [...]

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Will the Shared Power Bank Leaks Privacy


Will the Shared Power Bank Leaks Privacy After sharing bicycles and sharing cars, we have ushered in new things such as shared power bank, shared basketball, shared umbrellas, etc. The most frequently used one among them is the shared power bank. After all, modern people cannot live without their mobile phones. But it is a common trouble that mobile phone always runs out of battery, while it is impossible for us to carry with our own charger or power bank all the time. The arrival of the shared power bank brings us much convenience. However, many feared whether the shared power bank will leak your [...]

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What about Shared Power Bank?


What about Shared Power Bank? Shared power bank can be an emergency measure for a dead cellphone to a certain degree. But there is still some space for discussion whether it is really practical. First of all, we have no idea about the internal batteries and other configuration parameters of these shared mobile power banks. And it cannot be ensured whether it would cause damage to the phone battery, even lead to security incidents. Secondly, it is relatively expensive to pay a deposit over $10, even if it can be returned and refunded at any time. Which is not conducive to the popularization of sharing services. Some people with stronger wariness may forgo the use the [...]

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Types of the Shared Power Bank


Types of the Shared Power Bank Shared mobile power bank mainly aims to solve the problem that cellphone needs to be charged when it is out of power or in low power when you are outdoors. There are three types of them now on the market: desktop power bank, small sharing power bank cabinet and large sharing power bank cabinet. Desktop power bank requires no deposit, directly provided by merchants towards consumers who are in need. Consumers' dining experience can be highly enhanced with menus or advertising information printed on the power banks. Generally it’s limited to use in this place inside of [...]

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Standards about Shared Power Bank


Standards about Shared Power Bank The advent of intelligent information era has spawned the rapid development of cellphone power bank. It has become one of the necessities in our daily life. Consumers are most concerned about the safety performance when buying the power bank. The quality produced by power bank developers varies widely on the market now. Judging from the spot-checking results, there exists large potential safety hazards in mobile power bank industry. It is common that the they may fail the batteries test, poor flammability of the shell material, and overstate the capacity. Therefore, it is urgent to conduct conventional tests on power banks. So what are the exactly safety and [...]

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Shared Power Bank Station for Restaurant Bar


Shared Power Bank Station for Restaurant Bar More and more restaurants giants, Starbucks like shown on the image, have begun to adopt the shared power bank station with advertising or menu on. When people come to drink a cup of coffee with friends or enjoy a delicious dinner with their family in your restaurants, they would always like to record those pleasant memories. However, it would be disappointing that they need to charge their cellphones and leave ahead of schedule if cellphone battery is drained. Not only that, everyone has at least one cellphone nowadays. Hence, it will attract more customers [...]

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